Wednesday, 3 July 2013



Luzerne County Courthouse 
200 N River St
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
Monday, July 29, 2013
9:00 AM

Carrington Keys, Duane Peters, Derrick Stanley and 2 others will be in court to defend bogus riot charges brought against them from SCI Dallas in Dallas, PA.   In April of 2010, these men witnessed several beatings in the solitary dungeon at SCI Dallas.  These men were targeted  for many reasons, but mainly in retaliation for bravely contributing to a report by Human Rights Coalition that detailed the abuses that were going on inside the walls there.   They covered their cell doors and asked to speak with outside officials in order to discuss what was going on.  Instead, their cells were forcefully entered and they were beaten, tased and shackled for hours before all but  Duane Peters were emergency evacuated to other dungeons.   Mr. Peters is still being tortured in the dungeon there. 

 The men each filed their own charges of abuse against Dallas.  Mr.  Keys later filed charges against the DA of Luzerne County as well, because he felt she had turned a blind eye to the abuse and dismissed their cases without any investigation into the matter.  Approximately 3 months after the incident, upon learning of the Human Rights Coalition report, SCI Dallas filed retaliatory BOGUS charges of riot against these men. 

Mr. Stanley, who has since been released, appealed the riot claim and won.   This put the trial for the others on hold.   The state decided to appeal and after switching judges to suit their need, the decision was overturned.   Now they all face riot charges.  This case has been dragged out for over 3 years.  It is bogus and retaliatory in nature and the only reason I feel it continues to move through the courts is because of the major corruption that is rampant in  Luzerne County and the Department of Corrections.   They are so intent on winning at all cost because they do  not want to lose to prisoners, especially African American prisoners.  (This is the county where the Judge sold the children to the juvenile system for his own financial gain which was up in the millions.)  

All of the men involved are jailhouse lawyers and civil and human rights activists in their own right, which is part of the reason they were in the dungeon to begin with.  The DOC has a fight on its hands if they think they are going to just walk over these men.  We are asking for courtroom support from any groups that promote civil rights, prisoner rights and human rights.  We are asking for family members and friends to be present.  We want this courtroom filled with the public and not the guards.  Let them know we care and let them know these men will not be stopped.  What happened in this dungeon is only the tip of the iceberg and an everyday occurence everywhere in the dungeons of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.  It is time for the abuses to end.  Trial may last all week. Please be there for one of the days or as many as you can.  If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email to

Shandre Delaney
Human Rights Activist/HRC-Fedup
Mother of Carrington Keys