Saturday, 1 February 2014



 The case has been postponed to May....but of course! On January 21, we went in for Judge Gelb to deny the rest of the pretrial motions as she has not acknowledged any of the case law pertaining to the motions or given any case law in defense of her denials to date. The air in the courtroom was as usual one of disrespect and intimidation. Guards hawk-eyed us from the moment we got in the courtroom, watched every move and every word we said. We had a guard come stand at the end of our row with her hands in a intimidating way (fist in palm). I think they still think its slavery days in that county. She also bumped into one of the supporters and then grimaced at her. But at the same time they were watching us we were writing notes on their every move and staring right back. 


We will not be intimidated and corrupt Luzerne "kids for cash" county SHOULD  not continue to think they are going to get away with maliciously prosecuting these men. The men held their own under the duress of being handcuffed throughout and unable to handle their paperwork which is illegal. They cited case law after case law which the judge did not acknowledge or consider!!! They were yelled at to sit down like they were animals if they stood to address the judge which is what you normally do when you address the court. But its quite clear a black man can't stand up or speak for himself without it being regarded as disrespect! 

As one of the supporters Karen Lee state "The judge was grossly inept, biased and shredded the constitution like it was confetti. In this hearing, the Dred Scott decision was acutely evident whereby black men had no rights that whites had to respect. " One thing for sure! We shall not be moved and Luzerne County is going to remember who they f-----d with when we get done. We will continue to build support and we will continue to do everything we can to SHUT THIS DOWN!!!