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Prisoner Eric Maple is on a hunger strike as of yesterday.  Eric Maple initially did a hunger strike in early July because of the small portions of food given to prisoners. He put in a request to be transferred but they have not done so.  He has been in the hole at Camp Hill and this is not the first call alert we have done.  We have called in the past about him due to many instances of retaliation because he is a whistleblower and he files grievances about human rights violations.  

This time he is being retaliated against for complaining and putting in grievances about the new food vendor and the portions.  Aramark is the new food vendor, the same company that is known for serving rotten food and food with with maggots in it.  Eric Maple demonstrates the size of the portions by stating that an entire meal can fit into a small styrofoam cup.  Many prisoners  have complained about losing 20 pounds or more due to this starvation diet they are being fed.  

The  prisoners  feel the portions are being reduced in order to feed the additional prisoners being brought in from out of state.  Pennsylvania is receiving money from other states to house prisoners and are holding these prisoners in solitary confinement.  These prisoners were not in solitary before arriving to the PA prison system and have not had any infractions while being held in Pennsylvania.  I have received letters from  prisoners who have never been in the hole who are now contemplating suicide.   

Also in retaliation, C.O. Huber notorious for destroying prisoner’s property and being sued by many is implicated once again in destruction of the property of Eric Maple.  The DOC and the state of Pennsylvania  has lost money due to this officer not being held accountable for destroying prisoners property on a consistent basis for years.  

Eric Maple
DOC# EL6126
Superintendent Laurel Harry
Phone: (717) 737-4531

Secretary Wetzel
  • Calling to check on the well being of Eric Maple who is on a hunger strike for human rights violations.
  • Eric Maple has consistently been targeted and retaliated against for filing grievances regarding human rights violations at SCI Camp Hill
  • Grown men are being fed miniscule food portions
  • Out of State prisoners are being placed in solitary confinement for no other reason then there is nowhere else to put them.  This is cruel and unusual treatment and a human rights violation.
  • Prisoners property shall not be destroyed in retaliation.  C.O. Huber should be held accountable for the  taxpayer money being wasted paying for the lawsuits against him.

  • Transfer Eric Maple ASAP
  • Stop withholding meals from prisoners.  When you do feed them assure that all adults be given portions consistent with a daily diet for and adult.  
  • Prisoners in solitary confinement should be able to purchase commissary so they will not starve.  
  • Do not withhold yard, shower or any privilege in retaliation to filing grievances or complaints which is a prisoner
  • Remove out of state prisoners from solitary.  Stop housing prisoners from out of state if you have nowhere to put them.  

Please fill out check-in if you can:

National Prison Strike September 2016


This is a Call to Action Against Slavery in America
In one voice, rising from the cells of long term solitary confinement, echoed in the dormitories and cell blocks from Virginia to Oregon, we prisoners across the United States vow to finally end slavery in 2016.

On September 9th of 1971 prisoners took over and shut down Attica, New York State’s most notorious prison. On September 9th of 2016, we will begin an action to shut down prisons all across this country. We will not only demand the end to prison slavery, we will end it ourselves by ceasing to be slaves.

In the 1970s the US prison system was crumbling. In Walpole, San Quentin, Soledad, Angola and many other prisons, people were standing up, fighting and taking ownership of their lives and bodies back from the plantation prisons. For the last six years we have remembered and renewed that struggle. In the interim, the prisoner population has ballooned and technologies of control and confinement have developed into the most sophisticated and repressive in world history. The prisons have become more dependent on slavery and torture to maintain their stability.

Prisoners are forced to work for little or no pay. That is slavery. The 13th amendment to the US constitution maintains a legal exception for continued slavery in US prisons. It states “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.” Overseers watch over our every move, and if we do not perform our appointed tasks to their liking, we are punished. They may have replaced the whip with pepper spray, but many of the other torments remain: isolation, restraint positions, stripping off our clothes and investigating our bodies as though we are animals.

Slavery is alive and well in the prison system, but by the end of this year, it won’t be anymore. This is a call to end slavery in America. This call goes directly to the slaves themselves. We are not making demands or requests of our captors, we are calling ourselves to action. To every prisoner in every state and federal institution across this land, we call on you to stop being a slave, to let the crops rot in the plantation fields, to go on strike and cease reproducing the institutions of your confinement.

This is a call for a nation-wide prisoner work stoppage to end prison slavery, starting on September 9th, 2016. They cannot run these facilities without us.


Human Rights Defender and Jailhouse Lawyer Carrington Keys Thrown in Solitary Confinement on Bogus Charges
Keys was released from solitary within 24 hrs of our call alert!

Carrington Keys EF4010
SCI Forest

Secretary John Wetzel
Phn:  717-728-4109
Fax:  717-728-4178

Superintendent Overmyer, SCI Forest
Phn:  <>(814) 621-2110

Carrington is on a vegetarian diet.  He received an incorrect tray in the dining hall during meal time. A staff member in the dining hall authorized him to return to the service line to get the correct tray. While he was attempting to obtain the correct tray, a female corrections officer initiated a hostile confrontation.  He explained the situation and did so in a calm and rational manner. Later that evening, he was issued a misconduct for refusing to obey an order, presence in an unauthorized area, and a charge alleging that he had stolen food.  The C/O referenced past conduct issues of Carrington despite the fact that he has not received a misconduct since April 2010, nearly 6 years, and has had an exemplary disciplinary record at SCI Forest.  For approximately 10-11 days Carrington remained in the general population pending a hearing on the misconduct.  It appears that he has been found guilty and given disciplinary custody time merely for attempting to obtain the food tray that he is entitled to and after receiving permission from staff to do so.

He was given permission to get the correct tray
He was not in an unauthorized area nor did he refuse to obey an order
We believe he has been targeted by this guard who is clearly abusing her power. Her reference to Carrington’s past conduct record in prison despite the fact that he has been misconduct free for nearly 6 years suggests he is being targeted because he files grievances and lawsuits and speaks up against human rights violations
Being placed in solitary confinement for asking for the right tray is inappropriate and excessive
He has not had a write up in 6 years and has been recommended for parole by SCI Forest since 2014 and would not jeopardize that recommendation
Because of prior abuse of Mr. Keys while in solitary, human rights groups are advocating for Mr. Keys and watching closely

Be released from solitary confinement immediately
Be given a fair opportunity to prove his innocence by having camera evidence reviewed                   
If evidence is found that the guard abused her power then she should be reprimanded



Duane Peters FP7306 @ SCI Mahanoy 301 Morea Rd, Frackville, PA  17932

I received a call from Duane Peters of Dallas 6.  They are trying to destroy his legal files and throw him back in the hole.  Mahanoy is near Dallas so it’s quite obvious that these are friends or family members of guards involved with the case.  They all protect one another.  He was threatened by CO’s who have also accused him of organizing a petition amongst the prisoners.    He was told that he will not make it to court in August.   He has 15 boxes of legal files containing over 10 years of information and evidence.  He is authorized to have all these boxes under court order for the Dallas 6 case.  Even though it is under court order, the prison has told him he has 60 days to ship them for $500 dollars or they will destroy them.  They have previously destroyed evidence of other Dallas 6 members and other people throughout the entire prison system who have cases against them.  I am asking that you make some calls.


DOC Secretary John Wetzel

Superintendent John Kerestes
(570) 773-2158

They comply with court orders
Refrain from threatening Duane or intimidating a witness in a case involving the DOC
Let them know this information will be forwarded to the Department of Justice.


Friday March 18, 2016


Here is the letter you can send to the district attorney asking to drop the charges against the Dallas 6. I would like them to be on her desk before court tomorrow March 6, but its okay if you send them after that. Please fax as soon as possible and before 1:00 pm tomorrow afternoon.

Please feel free to forward and share with anyone who may be interested in participating.

Fax# (570) 825-1572
Stefanie J. Salavantis, District Attorney
Luzerne County Courthouse
200 N River St
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711

March 5, 2015

Dear District Attorney,

I am writing regarding the Dallas 6 case. This case has been in the courts going on five years. Carrington Keys, Duane Peters, Anthony Locke and Derrick Stanley have been waiting all these years for a chance to tell the truth in court. Anthony Kelly who pleaded out earlier has also been waiting for resolution of the case. False charges of rioting were brought against these men simply because they covered their cell windows to bring to your attention and the attention of other authorities gross violations of civil and human rights, abuse and torture that they experienced, witnessed and documented at SCI Dallas.

We know from the recent exposure of abuse by guards at Rikers Island and Attica prisons in New York State that there are many jurisdictions that are facing charges of gross abuse of prisoners. There are many in Pennsylvania and across the nation who know about the Dallas 6 men who are outraged that your office did not investigate the human rights violations that the men were non-violently protesting, but instead investigated and also charged the men with rioting for being whistleblowers!

Local and national organizations have endorsed and support these prisoners. All are watching. All are calling on your office to drop the charges against the Dallas 6, which are frivolous, false and vindictive, an abuse of power and a waste of taxpayers’ money. We call instead for an immediate investigation by your office, as well as by federal and state authorities, of the abuse of prisoners by guards at SCI Dallas and all Luzerne County prisons, and the prosecution of guilty parties, including of those in positions of responsibility who have been told about it, for allowing this injustice to continue.

Besides the obvious injustice of retaliation against the Dallas 6 for trying to draw attention to abuse of prisoners at SCI Dallas, other reasons your office should drop the charges include:
· Covering your window is a violation of DOC policy and should have been handled internally in the prisons, not through the courts.
· Covering your window is not a riot. It is impossible to hold a riot in solitary confinement.
· The only people injured during the incident were the peaceful prisoners who were physically attacked by guards.
· The men have endured well-documented human rights abuses at SCI Dallas and now further abuse and retaliation at SCI Mahanoy and SCI Retreat, which has been reported to the appropriate authorities.
· Trial has been consistently delayed for years, taking almost five years to prosecute a third class felony. 
· The county and DOC have wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars in housing, transportation, police and court costs bringing them back and forth across the state for a group vendetta by public servants.
· The District Attorney office has taken responsibility for redaction of videotapes without the consent, approval or knowledge of the judge.
· The District Attorney’s office has not turned over full discovery within these five years which is in contempt of court orders.

We have finally seen the justice system in New York begin to address the crisis of prisoner abuse by holding those responsible to account through criminal charges and dismissals of perpetrators. Luzerne County has experienced corruption and interpersonal relationships among officials -- when will justice arrive and prevail at Luzerne County? You are responsible for the actions of those who are part of your office since they take your direction and carry out your decisions. Failure to drop the charges will expose to the public the lack of will of your office to investigate serious human rights violations, make your office complicit in the punishment of and retaliation against men who bravely tried to bring to your attention injustices and illegal practices at SCI Dallas, and raise questions about whether your personal relationship with people connected with SCI Dallas constitutes a serious conflict of interest.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Your Name/Title

Phn: (570) 825-1674
Fax: (570) 825-1622
Stefanie J. Salavantis, Esquire
Luzerne County District Attorney
200 North River St.
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
• The charges are false and retaliatory
• The only people injured during the incident were the prisoners who were peaceful
• The only violence was carried out by the guards, who should be on trial for abuse
• Covering your window is a violation of DOC policy and should have been handled internally not through the courts
• Covering your window is not a riot! It is impossible to hold a riot in solitary confinement. Everyone seems to know this except for your court.
• The District Attorney office has not turned over full discovery within these 5 years with no sanctions or contempt being cited against them.
• The District Attorney office has taken responsibility for redaction of videotapes without the consent, approval or knowledge of the judge. This is illegal.
• The county and DOC have wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars in housing, transportation and court costs bringing them back and forth across the state for a personal vendetta
• Trial has been consistently delayed for years, taking almost 5 years to prosecute a 3rd class felony
• The men have endured well documented human rights abuses at SCI Dallas and now further abuse and retaliation at SCI Mahanoy and SCI Retreat, which has been reported to the proper authorities.