Andre Jacobs, Duane Peters, Carrington Keys at court.
Andre Jacobs was illiterate when he entered adult prison at the age of 15 on what was supposed to be a 10-year maximum sentence. Self-taught, Andre earned his G.E.D. and a paralegal degree and used his newly acquired skills to protect himself and vulnerable men around him from human rights violations committed by Department of Corrections staff. Locked in solitary confinement since 2001 as punishment for his advocacy, Andre says he “saw so many prisoners killed by the system, I don’t even count anymore.” He has suffered extreme instances of brutality and persecution, resulting in additional years being added to his original sentence. Despite these attacks, Andre prevailed against his oppressors in the biggest lawsuit ever won by a prisoner acting as his own attorney in Pennsylvania history; making him deeply feared by top prison officials throughout the state.

Medical Neglect & OC Spray brings the Death of a Mentally Ill Man at SCI Albion
By Andre Jacobs