The Price Men Pay for Standing Up to the Injustice System by Dallas 6 member Carrington Keys, is about the April 29th peaceful protest and what happened before and after.  It also reveals the effects of solitary confinement on the human psyche as well as gives you the sense of the racist and retaliatory use of solitary.  Its  a good read for folks who don't really know whats going on inside prison walls.  It gives a view into the court system and how they aid and abet the prison system in not holding guards accountable for human and civil rights violations.  What you think is happening only at Guantanamo to terrorists is happening to ordinary everyday citizens on a daily basis!

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A Great man once said “our unity is more powerful than atomic bombs.”  I never fully internalized the depths of this statement, until, a group of us were subjected to political persecution and crucifixion at the hands of the state. On April 29th 2010 six black men including myself stood in solidarity for violations of Human rights at Dallas Prison.  Each of six men engaged in a peaceful protest of covering our cell doors in an attempt to seek redress of our grievances from a series of abuse. In turn each of the six, men now known as the "Dallas 6" were charged with "riot".  Of course we were only charged after exposing to the public how the Prison Industrial Complex handles prisoners who dare to speak out against oppressive conditions. Keep in mind, the fact that violence was orchestrated and initiated by Dallas Prison guards. The Dallas Prison Guards were authorized by the local and State government to capitalize from their own acts of violence though criminalizing the Dallas 6 who were the victims of their violence.

All of the above was accomplished by the local judges ratifying the so-called "Riot", charges. In reality, the only "Riot" was a unity among a group of imprisoned Black men, in other words, a group of Black men standing together for Human Rights has always been an unlawful act in the eyes of racist bureaucrats. No matter how peaceful the protest, when it comes to a group of Blacks, it has always been considered a threat to the establishment. The Harrisburg Supreme Court even upheld the bogus "Riot" charges for obvious reasons.  It was said long ago in Dred Scott v. Sanford case that a Black (slave) has no rights that 'his master is bound to respect". Keep in mind that Luzerne county Pennsylvania is the same place where" Judges were indicted for selling "Kids for Cash".   Luzerne County has a long history of corruption within its local government.