To control a person's thinking is to control his or her destiny.  In prison the only thing we have left is our minds.  Therefore, it it necessary to keep a strong mind and resist cultural genocide at all costs.  
~Carrington Key

Mr. Carrington Keys is an inmate in Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PA DOC), where he had to fight for his human rights and civil rights. He has spent his time educating himself in hopes that when he returns to society he can become a productive member of it.  He completed programs in order to better himself.  Currently, he has written many short books on business, politics and prisoner struggles.  Only one is available for sale at this time. Purchase his booklet "The Price Men Pay for Standing Up to the Injustice System" 

Mr. Keys is only one of many inmates in the state of PA that are being subjected to extreme acts of bigotry and torture. This site is not to ask for sympathy for prisoners, but to expose the discrimination and violence that inmates are subjected to at the hands of corrupt and racist Corrections Officers (CO). The PA DOC is willfully and knowingly condoning acts of violence and excessive abuse of power. African Americans (and other minorities) are not being allowed to do their time, complete programs and come home because of this conduct. 

Instead of receiving rehabilitation they are constantly called niggers and threatened, beaten and having spit and other foreign objects such as glass put in their food. When they complain or file reports against the COs, they are retaliated against with bogus write-ups, starvation, tampering with mail and attacks. Some inmates chose the legal route because there is no justice in the grievance system because the PA DOC investigative process involves an inside investigation which is definitely not going to be impartial. Anyone going this route is most likely subjected to a search and theft of any legal documents that may assist in the case against the PA DOC. At times, legal documents from the courts are not received by the inmates due to mail tampering which is a federal offense.

This same story has been heard over and over by again many prisoners. This is not a single incident. In fact, it is such actions that have caused overcrowding in the system. Prisoners cannot get paroled because they have bogus misconduct against them. Prisoners cannot get into programs which lead to parole because they have bogus misconducts. Prisoners are being placed in control units for extended periods of time, where they receive further misconducts and abuse. Most prisoners in the RHU remain there for the duration of their sentence. They are not given a chance for any advancement under this treatment plan. This is the modern day torture chamber where most of the starvation, physical and mental abuse in the PA DOC occurs. More than a few prisoners have died or committed suicide under these conditions.

Instead of being prepared for a return to society, Carrington and others are being treated worse than animals, some because of the color of their skin. Many people still hold the same racist beliefs as in slavery time. There is no need for Klan members to hide behind sheets anymore, they can get a job with the PA DOC and conduct terrorist acts at taxpayer expense and nobody’s going to say a word. Inmates don’t want your sympathy. 

Carrington wants to do his time, complete programs and education and return to society as a changed man. Under the present inhumane, racist system, he and others will continue to be held longer and subjected to violence and bogus write-ups. All guards and staff involved in perpetrating these illegal acts and the administration which condones the acts, should be held accountable.

He is currently out of solitary confinement and free from torture.